You like HP MJF parts? Then you will LOVE Sintratec Desktop SLS parts!

If you have been watching the 3D printing industry at all over the last year, you could not miss the appearance of HP in the 3D printing market.  Frankly, the quality and surface finish on these parts is fantastic. There is a drawback though...the machines are super expensive (think north of $100k) and the parts printed as a service are not a bargain either, since most service bureaus are charging a premium for access to this new printer.


Fear not my 3D printing enthusiast friends!  The Sintratec Kit is here to save the day!  At only $5,350, the Sintratec Desktop SLS 3D printer is a bargain...heck, you could buy 18 Sintratec Kits, plus materials to spare, for the same cost as an HP!  Fundamentally, the Sintratec is an SLS 3D printer, not a MJF printer like the HP, but we think you will find that the Sintratec 3D printer can hold its own...and then some.

On the Sintratec, you can print Nylon (PA12) in a dark gray / black colored material. These parts are SUPER strong, and since the layers are cured by a laser, they are 100% dense and capable of super fine details.  Got a short-run production need?  The Sintratec Desktop SLS can deliver.

The Sintratec also has a hidden super power, it can print in Flexible TPE material on the same machine (although we recommend dedicating a machine to this material if you plan printing a lot, since cleaning can be a little complex with two materials).  The flexible parts are also very durable, have a beautiful surface finish, and are appropriate for end-use parts.

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