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FFF: Design for Printing

As with all manufacturing processes, you will come across some limitations in terms of what designs are suitable for 3D printing. That being said, we are capable of printing extremely complex geometries that no other process could. As long as we keep our designs within these constraints, we can start to see some of those pretty incredible parts.

FFF: Combat Curling

That’s not cool. Your part keeps curling, doesn’t it? Can’t quite get it to stick? Maybe it came off the buildplate entirely—you’ve had it. We get it. Once we came back to a twelve-hour print of a topographic map of the US where Florida was well above sea level. That’s why we’ve taken the time to do the dirty work for you. We have that whole curling thing under control and we want to share it with you, to make 3D printing, and your life, a little easier.

Why 3D Scan? Here's 12 real-world examples for engineers!

At 3DChimera, we have seen countless examples where 3D scanning has brought value to our customer's engineering teams. Often, when considering a new scanner purchase, engineers are tasked to develop an ROI for an investment in 3D scanning.  We generated this list to help you build that ROI for your management team!