3D Scanning Service

We love 3D Scanning at least as much as we love 3D printing. 

In fact, our 3D scanning services are our most popular service offering!  We have 3D scanned just about everything imaginable ranging from aerospace components to celebrities visiting Miami.  If you need 3D scanning service here in Miami, FL or anywhere across the USA, we are here to help.

All 3D scanning projects are composed of two aspects:

  1. Scan Data Acquisition
  2. Scan Data Clean-up & Optimization

Each area is quoted with an hourly estimate of the time required to complete the desired tasks.  We understand that each 3D scanning project is unique and requires a custom quote to deliver the best possible results.

3D Scanning Software

ANSYS Live / SpaceClaim
  • Great software for quick edit of 3D scan data
  • Ability to generate lattice structures from 3D scan data, optimized for 3D printing applications
  • Excellent capability for quick renderings from 3D scan data 
  • Our go-to engineering CAD solution
  • Allows for the development of fully parametric engineering CAD data
  • In-house expertise in complex surfacing, multi-body modeling, assemblies and technical drawings



3D Scanning Examples:

Sculpture 3D Scan Setup & Result for Archival
Airplane 3D Scan Setup and Result for FEA/CFD Analysis
Ultrasound Probe 3D Scan for Customized Tool Design 
Tortoise 3D Scan for National Geographic to Reverse Engineer and Design a new Prosthetic Shell Cover



Our customers often ask what the deliverables look like from a 3D scanning project.  Here are some possible options, with increasing complexity:

Raw Scan Data (STL, 19.5MB)
Cleaned Up Scan Data (STL, 18.6MB)
Patch Network Surface (STEP, 4.8MB)
Fully Reverse Engineered Part (STEP or Native CAD, 377kb)


Why 3DChimera?

  • Consultative Approach - you have questions, we have answers based on real world experience
  • Price Match Guarantee - we will meet or beat any competitor's price, simply share a formal quote with us and sit back with a smile knowing you are getting the best for less
  • Unmatched Service - call us 24/7 at 786.701.0700 to find out why


Ready to get started? 

Send us some details below or call us at 786.701.0700.  If you have photos to share, send them over to sales@3dchimera.com

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