3DChimera Description:

3DChimera is a leading provider of industrial quality 3D printers & 3D scanners. Focused on the professional customer, 3DChimera understands that an equipment purchase is always about solving a unique business & technical challenge. The 3DChimera team is composed of engineers with real-world product development experience, allowing for a consultative approach to equipment recommendations and particularly effective training, technical support, maintenance, & professional services. 

Based in Miami, FL, 3DChimera has a national reach, helping organizations across many industries to select and successfully integrate 3D technology. Founded in 2013, 3DChimera’s growing customer list includes 625+ Businesses and 35+ Universities. Some notable clients include: Adidas, Bosch, Toshiba, MIT, Sandia National Laboratory, Hewlett Packard, US Navy, Boeing, and the Harvard Design School.

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3DChimera Mission Statement:

To empower organizations to unleash the potential of 3D technology

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