3D Printing Consulting & 3D Scanning Consulting

We understand that choosing a 3D printer or 3D scanner can be a complex and overwhelming process.  Our goal at 3DChimera is to help you solve business problems with equipment from our shop and expertise from our team. We consider each request for information as an opportunity to put on our consultant hat and help you to truly find the best solution.  Often, that is with equipment and services that we sell...sometimes it is not.  You can rest assured that the 3DChimera team will always give you honest feedback and will point you in the direction that will keep your best interests in mind. We want you to think of 3DChimera, when you have a 3D Printing Consulting or 3D Scanng Consulting need!

Unique Project Consulting

Sometimes a stock 3D printer, scanner or material purchase is not enough to solve your business problem.  Fortunately, the experienced team of 3D experts at 3DChimera is here to help.  We have worked with organizations large and small to help develop custom 3D printing & 3D scanning solutions.

Some of our past consulting services include:

  • Custom CAD development for 3D printing
  • On-Site Assessment for 3D Printing Applications
  • Return on Investment Studies
  • Innovation Lab Recommendations
  • Material Qualification - custom materials, new materials to market, experimental materials
  • On-Site 3D Scanning
  • Makerspace Layouts & Configurations
  • Grant and Funding Proposals
  • One-off 3D Printing or 3D Scanning projects
  • Experimental 3D Printing techniques 

Our team literally consists of rocket scientists, ivy-league trained engineers, and experienced product designers with multiple patents under their belts.  There is no challenge too large or problem to complex for us to tackle. 

Ready to talk?

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