TPE Flexible Powder, Sintratec
TPE Flexible Powder, Sintratec

TPE Flexible Powder, Sintratec

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Sintratec TPE was developed to produce flexible, rubber-like parts. With an impressive elongation at break and excellent elastic restorative capacity and rebound elasticity, it shows the ideal characteristics for applications requiring elastic parts.


Color Grey
Melt Point 110C, 230F
Bending Stress (Max) 5.28 MPa
Tensile Stress (Max) 2 MPa
Tensile Modulus (Max) 29.9 MPa
Tension Strain (Max) 250%
Particle Size 0.06mm (60 micron)
Volume (2L) 2L, 2000cm^3, 122in^3
Cost / Volume $0.07 / cm^3, $1.22 / in^3
Approx Weight (2L) 1.05kg, 2.31lb 
Reuse Ratio 50% new / 50% used

Tensile Test & Mechanical Properties Fact Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Important Note:
Changing from printing Sintratec PA12 to Sintratec TPE material in a Sintratec Kit is possible, but it requires special attention to cleanup process.  It is not possible to swap materials in a Sintratec S2 MCU.