Nylon (PA12) Powder, Sintratec
Nylon (PA12) Powder, Sintratec
Nylon (PA12) Powder, Sintratec

Nylon (PA12) Powder, Sintratec

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The Sintratec Nylon (PA12) powder is a high performance polymer and allows for strong, temperature resistant, precise and durable work pieces to be printed. The manufactured parts can be used for functional prototypes in mechanically demanding applications and end products.

The industrial grade PA12 is specifically engineered for high-end additive manufacturing. The material guarantees high stability and resolution and is especially suited for printing complex objects. If desired prints can be surface treated and coated.


Color Grey
Melt Point 176 C, 348.8F
Stable Temp (Max) 130C, 266F
Bending Stress (Max) 43.1 MPa
Tensile Stress (Max) 47.8 MPa
Tensile Modulus (Max) 1750 MPa
Particle Size 0.06mm (60 micron)
Volume (2L) 2L, 2000cm^3, 122in^3
Volume (20L) 20L, 20000cm^3, 1220in^3
Cost / Volume $0.07 / cm^3, $1.22 / in^3
Approx Weight (2L) 1.05kg, 2.31lb 
Approx Weight (20L) 10.5kg, 23.1lb
Approx Container Size (20L) 13.5" diameter x 13.5" height
Reuse Ratio 70% new / 30% used 

Tensile Test & Mechanical Properties Fact Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)