Is Leasing Right For You?

An equipment purchase is always a big decision for a growing or established company.  Often leasing can help make the purchase decision easier for your organization. 

A few benefits to consider for leasing a 3D Printer or 3D Scanner:

  • Dream Big - Often a lease for your dream equipment is more affordable than you may think. Don't compromise quality for a less expensive system due to a cash crunch.
  • Better Cash Flow - A lease gives you a predictable expense that can be easily built into the budget, rather than a sudden hit to cash flow at the time of purchase.
  • Everything Included - Support, Training, Maintenance, Spare Parts, Software, Materials and even Shipping can all be included in your monthly lease payment.
  • Low Monthly Payments - Affordable monthly payments allow you to start making money with your equipment right away.
  • Flexible Terms - Available payment terms of 12-60 months. Select the terms that best fit your business needs.
  • Optional Buyout - Many leases come with the option to own your equipment at the end of the term for a minimal fee.
  • Tax Benefits - Leasing usually affords the best possible tax scenario. Ask your accountant to guide you through the process, and don't forget to remind them of Section 179 deductions.


How Much Will It Cost?

Here are some examples of what our pro 3D printer models might lease for with good credit:

All rates for 60 month leases start at:

  • Sintratec Kit - $115
  • X400 Pro v4 - $323
  • X500 - $906
  • X1000 - $1294


    Ready for a Custom Lease Quote?

    Apply Now with our preferred leasing partner @ Archer Capital, or call us to discuss details at 786.701.0700

    Your lease rate depends on your credit score, time in business, and established credit history.  Archer Capital specializes in working with businesses of all sizes, in all states of growth...from a 1-man start-up to a Fortune 500, Archer has you covered.