Why 3D Print or 3D Scan?

At 3DChimera, we are focused on application-specific approaches to 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. 

By starting with the goal in-mind, we can help select the best possible tools to accomplish the desired results. 

Given the plethora of information out there on these topics, it can often be overwhelming for our customers to identify the optimum approach to solving a business problem...this is where the experienced team at 3DChimera comes in - we connect the dots to find an elegant, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Some common applications for 3D Printing include:

  • On-demand spare parts to reduce inventory requirements
  • Aesthetic models for marketing studies
  • Ergonomic models for customer testing
  • Functional prototypes for engineering tests 
  • Jigs & Fixtures for the manufacturing line
  • Customized tooling
  • Replacement parts for obsolete or missing components
  • Short run production parts

Some common applications for 3D Scanning include:

  • Digital reference data for engineering applications
  • Quality control and inspection for metrology applications
  • Reverse engineering of old or missing parts
  • Digital reference of body areas for medical applications & custom devices
  • Digital archival of custom artwork
  • 3D photography for infinite photo angles, backgrounds and colors
  • Object capture for AR/VR applications and video games
  • Digital archival of artifacts or objects for historical or reference purposes

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