FFF: Nozzle Sizes Demystified

Nozzles can be a confusing topic in 3D printing, mainly because it feels intuitive that a smaller nozzle sizes would provide for a better finish.  This is simply not true.

When thinking about nozzle size there are really 2 things to consider...

Optimize for STRENGTH with Simplify3D & German RepRap 3D Printers

There are many characteristics to consider when optimizing for strength.  Obviously, this is highly dependent upon the material properties of your filament.  It is also highly dependent on the number of shells in the part, the infill shape, and the infill density.

Optimize for SPEED with Simplify3D & German RepRap 3D Printers

To optimize for Speed on a German RepRap printer, you need to consider the layer size (similar to optimizing for surface finish...only opposite). ...

Optimize for SURFACE FINISH with Simplify3D & German RepRap 3D Printers

We can optimize surface finish on any German RepRap 3D Printer with Simplify3D (our slicer software).  Surface finish is a function of layer size and nozzle size. The smaller both are, the better it looks. The tradeoff is print time, the smaller the layer and nozzle size are, the longer it takes to print.

Does a Heated Chamber really matter?

To be fair, it only matters if you want to print materials other than PLA and PETG.  At 3DChimera, most of our customers are engineer's and those ...

Industrial Quality - What does that even mean?

If you have spoken with us about 3D printing, you most certainly have heard us mention "Industrial Quality" when referring to our 3D printers from German RepRap or Sintratec.  Sure, "Industrial Quality" sounds like something you want...but what does it mean?

::Spoiler Alert:: We can 3D print Ultem 9085

...and you can too with the German RepRap X500. The GRR X500 is a 3D printer in a class of its own.  It has all the features you would expect of a...